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"Do you come unglued, after your therapy?"
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"I am really excited about finding this website. I am learning so much about the interaction between my therapist and myself. I am also opening up more as a result and am far more involved in the therapeutic process and asking more questions."
-- Valynn
"I'm a therapist in Colorado. I LOVE your site. So informative, helpful, funny. Love the links. Much appreciated.

Also good for my own therapy when the days (daze?) get too much to think about.

-- Tobiwan
"I have loved both your movies because oh boy I have learned so much from them! So much applied and applies to me. Now I simply have to find a way of staying or at least spending much more time in my ComfortZone..... Thank you for literally letting me see such things even exist."
-- Victoria

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You mean I can train my brain? Feb 26, 2014
let's talk about counseling for self-regulation In just the past few years the idea of "re-wiring" or "re-setting" the brain has gone mainstream. We've been hearing from scientists for over a decade that even small changes in your brain wiring can have tremendous positive effects on health that result when you gain control over your emotions.

Coincidentally, (or is it ironically?) the whole purpose of is to make you aware of the astonishing benefits that flow from natural brain self-regulation.

You see, you can train your brain so that it takes care of everyday stress automatically, reflexively, and in stride. It's just so darn hard to capture in words...that once your nervous system's self regulating, you feel so much different on the inside, calmer, connected to yourself, self-confident and in control of emotions, with power to spare.

To fill in the details, I pulled together some of the best articles on the site. The clinical evidence is indisputable: when your nervous system learns to self-regulate naturally, the way it evolved, you'll discover a new, deeply organic feeling for life, and the means to enrich that experience as long as you wish.

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Ran into your "ex"? Apr 24, 2013
Psychotherapy Yeah, you know what it's like. You're an ex-client and your worst nightmare is running into your old therapist - the one you didn't leave on the best of terms. Yeeks!

And what's go into freeze mode. All the activating memories come flooding back. You can't say a word...locked in a time warp.

Can't see your way out of this one? Well, it's actually a matter of your high activation. Cause by controlling your activation, you'll control your "deer in the headlights" response.

So, here's a way to change your brain's wiring so that freeze is never a problem again.

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When therapy goes bad... Feb 09, 2013
Choosing a Therapist icon If you didn't catch myShrink's latest tongue-in-cheek movie about the hazards of being with the wrong therapist, then check out the Wonky Therapist Movie.

But seriously, for many people therapy is no joke. And I agree. Much depends on it...the money you invest, the time, your effort and most importantly...your sense of emotional well-being. This last point is something you don't want to take chances with.

Yet, how do you know when there are few guidelines for how good therapy works. It seems like a risky proposition when you hear what's happened to others.

Check out the latest comments and see how your therapy fits in.

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What if there were a way…

To feel more alive,

To feel as a child, full of wonder and joy,

To realize that the future is limited only by the strength of your desire,

To discover your life’s purpose, at last?


Yes there is a way...

Hi! I'm Dr. Suzanne LaCombe,

We feel pretty inspired at MyShrink. We see counseling (and psychotherapy) as a holistic, a non-drug approach for both mind and body.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, decades of neuroscience research make it clear--the brain and nervous system can be changed through counseling, the kind that addresses both the mind and body as a single entity. This approach--classed as a form of holistic therapy--gives as much attention to the physical aspect of the client as the mental and the emotional.

Holistic therapy goes beyond what regular talk therapies alone could possibly deliver. Holistic therapy takes advantage of new neuroscience insights and rejects the notion that the mind and body are separate.

Indeed, by integrating biology with psychology, these insights are driving a paradigm shift in the clinical practice of counseling.

This shift in emphasis highlights the importance of attunement between the client and therapist. And, how can attunement best be achieved? We believe holistic therapy with its focus on the integration of mind body spirit, requires these aspects be embodied by the therapist.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the "body" in holistic therapy is essential for attunement to be fully attained. Holistic therapy has the theoretical and practical applications that cannot be surpassed in this respect.

We also feel that the "body" is a necessary partner in one's spiritual development. Through one's "body" enlightenment can be approached.

Bottom line - to achieve your personal goals, whether they're physical, emotional or spiritual, you must include the "body" in your counseling.

That's the basic lesson of holistic therapy, and the basic message of this website.

So if you're looking for a long lasting solution to your therapeutic goals, holistic therapy may be the answer for you.

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