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Holistic Therapy and Personal Growth

The primary purpose of MyShrink is to present the reader with new ways of understanding the mystery of personal change through holistic therapy. We include within this umbrella term, "holistic therapy" as those treatment models that use right brain strategies such as mindfulness, mind body and somatic psychotherapies.

This new theory draws on research in many different disciplines (neuroscience, child development, linguistics, psychology, psychiatry, etc). It may not necessarily contradict traditional theories of change but it may provide ideas and explanations that complete or extend them.

Whenever a section of MyShrink is highlighted with "A new way of looking at..." it's an indication that although the content that follows is based on solid research in neuroscience, psychology, etc. you should be aware that clinical applications of this new theory of holistic therapy has not yet been rigorously tested.

Some of the concepts described are relatively certain but their significance for counseling may be less so. For example, all human beings have the capacity for fight, flight or freeze, but how this behavior is rooted in the nervous system is less clear. As you can imagine the implications of such observations for a holistic therapy practice can be even more speculative.

Even so, we feel that these new theories advance a powerful and useful understanding of mental life, and one that features an wholly optimistic view of our capacity for lasting change.

We look forward to showing you how!

Dr. Suzanne LaCombe

March 2007.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge."

Daniel J. Boorstin

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