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Is therapy working for you?

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Discover the signs of good therapy.

Does psychotherapy really work?

What makes counseling effective?

The mystery around counseling effectiveness has been the subject of intense research for decades.

What's the secret? Here's one piece of the puzzle...

To make the most of your counseling sessions actively work with your therapist in the process. Research has computed that up to 40% of the end result of therapy depends on factors related to the client.1

That's a huge chunk in your court!

Counseling isn't about talking for hours on end while the therapist patiently listens. It's a collaborative process. And, the more you're able to talk about the experience of being in therapy, the better your chances for getting the most from it.

And to do that effectively, you have to know how counseling really works.

So check out the most-recently-viewed pages listed below. Deepen your understanding of counseling and become an active participant in your own growth!

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