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Counseling - Your First Session - Part B

By Dr. Susan LaCombe, Updated: September 2016.

In counseling, your first session might be the hardest.

(After that, it's a piece of cake.) feareyes_cropped1.jpg

Okay, okay...I might be stretchin it a bit.

Seriously, I want you to be an savvy customer for counseling services. Take your time to feel your way around, but note that your first counseling session is like the first day of school - you feel anxious, excited, fearful, hopeful, happy, sad, a whole range of emotions.

To learn how many people get stuck in their therapy you might find my movie on ways to stay on track helpful. Dr. LaCombe's movie.


Open the links below to prepare for your first counseling session.

"I' don't know much about counseling." What can I expect from my therapist?

I've never been to counseling.” Am I just supposed to talk about myself?

What kinds of questions can I ask of my therapist?

How do I tell the difference between a good therapist and a bad one?

How do I address my therapist?

When I go to counseling am I a "patient" or a "client"?

How often should I go to counseling?

Do I have to relive everything from my past?

How long should I go to counseling?

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Jack Engler and Daniel Goleman, 1992, The Consumer's Guide to Psychotherapy, New York: Simon & Schuster.


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