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When you see an image box on the left hand side of a page, just click the photo to get your free affirmation. You'll find it in the top left hand corner.

There are two types of free affirmations:

1. Traditional affirmations that you repeat to yourself.

2. Those that you receive from others.

In the latter case, your goal is learning to receive, to take in the support from another person. Learning to accept support and accept the love, kindness and offerings from others is not a natural skill. If you think about it you'll realize that many of us do not even take in the abundance that is all around us!

Here's an interesting fact that I've noticed in my therapy practice. As clients become more grounded, they notice more. They can take in more from others and they feel real gratitude.

And they didn't even have to work at it! It came naturally as they progressed in therapy and the nervous system became more balanced.

That's why I love therapy, because it helps you to catch up if you didn't learn this as an infant and your life experience to date hasn't helped you change!

Most peope don't use affirmations effectively.

Most are familiar with "I statement" affirmations (e.g. "I am a creative person"). The idea is to repeat this so many times that you overlearn it and so change how you feel about yourself.

The effectiveness of affirmations is based on the notion that thoughts affect the way we feel. That's true but based on how the brain actually functions there's a more effective way...working from the "bottom-up".

Here's what neuroscience tells us about how the brain and nervous system actually work:

As you know the brain is split into two hemispheres, the right and the left. When we are "thinking" of something it's the left brain that lights up. The specific thought may have an emotional tone or "charge" that triggers parts of the right brain, but "thinking" is mainly a left brain activity.

So, when you repeat an affirmation such as "I am free to choose the life I want to live", you are using a left brain "thinking" strategy to change how you feel about yourself.

Problem is, the way we experience ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves--not what we think about ourselves--is largely located in the centers located in the right brain.

Recall that it is through the body that we feel our emotions. Biologically speaking, that's how we're wired. We feel emotion first in our body - only later do we interpret it in our head.

So when we're sensing our body, we're in our right brain.

But here's the most amazing piece of the puzzle:

There are vastly more neural connections travelling up into the brain than there are going down from the brain into the body.

What does this mean?

It means that the signals that the body sends to the brain have much more influence on our emotional states than our thinking ever can.

It's a David and Goliath situation, but in this case David can't ever win!

Whew! Pretty big notion eh!

In other words, if you want to change your habitual emotional states, work through the body.

It's the faster route!

What's the most effective way to use the Image Box with the free affirmations?

Here's a quick 'How to' for using the affirmations with the images:

How to Use the Image Box with Free Positive Affirmations

Best of luck on your journey.


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