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How to use the Image Box

The image box is a resource to help you move through the sometimes emotionally triggering content on this site. It's a buffer against the inevitable discomfort we encounter when we dig a little deeper into our psyche.

As you may have read in my description of the right brain, our emotions are "located" in the right hemisphere of the brain. Fortunately, looking at images engages the right brain--it's a soothing activity for when we get triggered.

The images were chosen to highlight the free affirmations associated with the picture. As you know, the left brain processes information by "thinking". Reading the affirmation is a left brain activity. When you combine the tasks from both the right and left brain, you in effect increase the communication between the two hemipsheres (i.e. the right and left brain).

It's like the left brain is shaking hands with the right brain!

How does it work?

After you click the image box and load the picture, read the affirmation. Pause to reflect on the meaning it has for you.

Then let your eyes get drawn to the picture and allow the beauty of the image wash over you.

Be sure to take the time to feel the beauty of it. Sense how it feels in your body bringing your awareness to it. As you do so, you are deep within what we call a "present moment".

Learn to take it in.

Let the left brain shake hands with the right brain!

Use the Image Box as a daily ritual.

I personally click an image at least once a day. I reflect upon the affirmation as I go about my daily routine.

And amazingly enough, the more I am connected to spirit, the more this message has meaning for me.

If you'd like to better understand how it works, check out these short articles. The first one explains how looking at images can refresh your brain. The second one explains why most people don't use affirmations in the most effective way.

Take a Right Brain Break

Using Free Affirmations

My Vendors

Many of my images used for my affirmations come from Dreamstime. It's a great deal, $1 per image! Check them out here:

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