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Help With Social Bookmarking Sites

by: Shrinklady, June 21, 2007.

What's with these cute, little icons that lead me to login screens?

These icons let "social bookmarking-site-users" flag web pages so they can recall them for later.

They're also a trendy way to attract herds of visitors to web sites. At least, that's one reason I have them on nearly every more and more people post MyShrink pages into bookmarking sites (i.e. Digg, Delicious), it helps me to get the word out. The more people that know about MyShrink, the more traffic I get, the more I am able to provide more relevant articles and features....and that's a promise!

Why should I care about social bookmarking sites?

The main benefit for you in using a social bookmarking site is that they let you keep your bookmarks when you switch computers.

These sites typically let you organize your bookmarks using keywords ("tags") rather than category trees. And users tend to find tags more natural to use.

These tags then let you to spread information to other users. Reciprocally, they let you discover information found by others via tag-specific RSS feeds. The resulting cooperative classifications are called folksonomies.

They also prevent interpretation differences, gossip, rednecks with an axe to grind and spammers clogg up the Net.

How do I use social bookmarking sites?

It's super simple. Log into, Digg, Squidoo or Reddit etc. and click the relevant icon on web pages that you find interesting. In fact, look below....

There are of course many more social bookmarking sites and tools. But I chose these because they were the ones that stood out for me at the time of this writing.


--Thanks for your votes--


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