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Why "Holistic" Psychotherapy Matters

There's no widely accepted definition of what is meant by "holistic" psychotherapy. In health care, most folks recognize the term "holistic" in reference to alternative treatments as opposed to more mainstream medical interventions.

A similar distinction holds for the field of psychotherapy.

Any therapy that is holistic always considers the "big picture" in a client's life, rather than focusing exclusively on the psychological factors involved, as conventional therapies do.

Holistic therapies aim not just to provide symptom relief, but to give clients the ability and means for attaining a veritable transformation in their emotional lives.

With this holistic approach, we can now appreciate that genuine, lasting health is an ongoing process to be nurtured.

Holistic psychotherapy matters for your:

stepping into your life

Personal growth

Breakthroughs in brain research and clinical practice can now give you the freedom to pursue the passions of your life.

When you know how to use therapy, when you fully understand how personal change depends on changing the brain, you can exploit your innate ability to heal emotionally, to adapt to change, and to create the life you want. More...

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Mind Body Health

Emotions are deeply rooted in the brain's neural wiring, and have a direct impact on the body's hormonal system. Chronic stress and anger can cripple the immune response and an emotional "shutting down" virtually guarantees poor physical health.

Therapy stops the damage caused by these chronic emotional states by changing your reaction to stress and anger "from the inside out". More...


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Spiritual life

How can you open your heart to the creative energy of the universe when you are emotionally closed and defensive in your relationships? And how can you follow a spiritual path when there's too much hurt and confusion inside?

Therapy offers a practical way of finding an inner emotional balance which leads naturally to spiritual awareness. Therapy can be the key to a heartfelt transformation in your life, an invaluable "gift" for all who choose a spiritual path. More...

"Oftentimes it is in the search for relief from illness or emotional pain that people awaken to their true spiritual path."

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