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Does abandonment figure big in your life?

Online  Counseling - First aid for your Relationships

sl-sig-photo.jpg Hello, I'm Dr. Suzanne LaCombe Publisher of

Do you have abandonment issues?

I've personally experienced the impact of abandonment issues firsthand. I have to admit though, it took some time before I could name the problem as "abandonment". I'm grateful for the fact that I got the help I needed at the right time.

Through my own therapeutic work I came to see that unresolved abandonment issues were impacting many areas of my life. Like who would think...struggling to let go of clutter was rooted in my abandonment fears!

That, as it turned out, was the smallest of my concerns...

You see, if you were abandoned physically or emotionally, your ability to adapt and find a secure place in the world is going to be impacted. You may find yourself avoiding commitment or intimacy...indeed this may go on for a very long time. Your fears may also reveal themselves in a greater dependence inside relationships and an over-independence outside relationships.

You can have trouble letting go of relationships that don't work and/or holding onto ones that work really well. (Unfortunately, in the latter case, regret often shows up only months later.)

Indeed, if you have a hard time just being connected to your true self, abandonment issues may be at the source of your troubles. As you begin to heal the grieving you move through is related to this loss of self.

Abandonment issues even show up in the workplace..holding onto a job because you don't want to hurt your boss or not being able to let go of an employee who's unsuitable for the job.

The emotional fallout can undermine relationships with a partner, family, friends - your kids - and even people who work for you.

Yes, I've seen it all...and not just as a therapist smiley-wink.gif

Considering online counseling

I invite you to present your particular abandonment issues to a professional counselor online. Apart from the enormous relief of finally just unburdening yourself, you can also take advantage of his or her years of experience with hundreds of clients.

Get clear about what's really going on inside you, or with someone you care about.

A big advantage: you can do all this in the warmth and safety of your own home space - virtually 24/7. All new clients get 3 minutes free PLUS 25% off for the rest of the session.

Unlike face-to-face therapy, with online counseling there's not the typical scheduling hassles of finding time during a busy day or fighting crowds to get to an office. You're also not restricted to meeting exactly 50 minutes with your therapist (the usual time for traditional face-to-face therapy).

And if you're using email or chat online counseling (phone counseling is also available), you have a record of your conversation to review for later. That's a tremendous resource when you're trying to sort out complicated relationships issues.

There's absolutely no risk at all. You can check the thousands of client reviews (I recommend this - and it's kinda fun!); or you can post your problem and let the counselor specialists come to you.

In any case, the clock doesn't run till you've found someone you're comfortable with.

You can even start right now.

So check out the therapists below.  And I hope to hear that you're feeling better soon!

Best of luck,



P.S.  I want you to know up front that I’ve partnered with PrestoExperts and have been for years now as it is my only recommended source that I know and trust.  As an affiliated partner, I am compensated by PrestoExperts should you choose to engage a therapist.


Safe and Secure

  • 1 • Choose from hundreds of counselors.
  • 2 • Start chatting for FREE.
  • 3 • Pay AFTER finding the right counselor.


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Now, speaking to a counselor for the first time can feel...well, a little unfamiliar. However, most people are relieved to find how easy it is to get started.

Sometimes it's just a matter of taking that first step. To begin take a look at some of the comments from real clients:

Feedback about the Counselors

"When i came on to this site i was a lil confused and very stressed about life untill i meet cynthia.. within minutes i begain to trust her and told her everything... she helped me in ways as if i had known her my whole life..."   nickstach


"Priscilla was very kind to me when discussing my problems. She made me feel better about the inner conflicts I have been having. It seemed like no matter what I said that was negative about me, she always had a nice positive spins that made me feel better. I would recommend anyone with a low self esteem to talk to her. She also gave me great advice with managing the relationships in my life."   friendlynurse


"Really enjoyed talking to Rafael. I felt there was a "real" person talking to me with true human values, rather than someone trying to sell me some standard response to problems. Thank you so much!"     Nally



How it Works

  1. Sign up as a Member. verified online crisis counselors(it's free with no obligation)
  2. Choose among the counselors.
  3. Click "Contact Live"
  4. Click "Start Session" (no obligation at this point)
  5. Click "Hire Expert" (once you feel this is the counselor you want to talk to)

More and more people are going to therapy online. The reason is simple.

  • Anonymity.
  • When you want and where you want.
  • You have a record of the therapist's comments. Useful for re-reading.
  • It's often easier to disclose emotionally difficult information.
  • Email exchanges give you time to reflect on your therapist's response.

Plus, if you're a counseling newbie it's a good place to start!

The folks at PrestoExperts make it easy to get started. Each therapist has accumulated ratings and/or comments from their clients.

After you register with PrestoExperts you'll have the opportunity to contact different therapists. You will want to find someone whom you have a rapport with, who's the right one for you.

Choose the therapist you intuitively feel most drawn to.

You'll have the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting and getting to know the therapist. If you feel a connection with the therapist and you decide to continue, you're only charged for the actual minutes you use (i.e. from the moment you make your decision).

The amount of time you wish to spend is up to you. This is more convenient for some folks who find the one hour sessions too long, or even too short!


"Thanks for being there. Pain shared is pain halved. I will get through this." wouldliketoachieve


"she took the time to understand the situation, not jumping right to conclusions...she also pointed out a few very objective things for me to work on this realtionship, very good! I'll come back for an update! "   Rhiann


"Kathleen is wonderful! I felt I had her complete attention and she asked questions to help me to the answers I needed to find. Chatting with her helped put some issues in perspective and gave me new areas to focus and the advice and tools to help me work through them."    Mia1221


Not sure how to start?

Ask a question from the experts. Post your question in the Ask the Question box. There's no obligation and it's kinda fun too.

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Wonderful experience. I gained a lot of clarity around some complex issues that have been troubling me for a long time. Highly recommended!  User_xtpfr5


She REALLY surprised me with how much she helped in just a short amount of time....She started out by guiding the conversation and then she listened to what I had to say and helped talk me through it. I feel so much better after talking with her tonight....THANKS A!!!!!! :)  kcricket92

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