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What others said who watched the movie:

"Shrink lady – you rule!!!! thanks for this. It makes perfect sense to me – well put together presentation that speaks clearly to non-psychologists... ." - Mellerbe

"I have just listened to your movie for a second time and bells rang and lights came on. Big bells, bright lights! This is marvelous and I am so excited. Very many grateful thanks to you, and pleeeeeeeze keep going and sharing your ideas and thoughts with us" - Victoria

"Great video! This helps me not be so hard on myself and to allow myself to go in and out of the zone. You hit a key point about the emotions and being in the comfort zone before going there. Thanks for sharing this great informatinon!" - TP

"I loved this movie – thank you so much for this! It explains a great deal why some of my past therapy experiences have made me feel worse, not better. The explanations about containment and comfort zones are especially enlightening about this. Also the info about the way the nervous system and the brain work really makes sense. Brilliant stuff – every therapist should know about it." - Joy

"This video really spoke to me. I work as a trauma counsellor and find discussions around the nervous system to really help normalize client’s difficulty with post-traumatic responses (eg. depression, anxiety, dissociation....For me (and I believe The Shrink Lady has some awesome info on the website) it’s strongly about discharge...P.S. I really liked the idea of using a Rainbow analogy. Very creative"
- Allison

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