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People who suffer from depression report a loss of motivation for things that previously gave them joy. They are easily overwhelmed; feel hopeless or helpless; and, find themselves withdrawing from others. They tend to blame themselves for being depressed figuring they should "just get over it".

The feeling of hopelessness is persistent. It can feel that this frame of mind will be here forever. The reason for this is that we cannot easily imagine a different state and subsequently feel it in our body. For instance, it's hard to re-experience the sore achy muscles we usually get with the flu.

What is important to remember it that it's normal to feel sad when unfortunate things happen. However, when the sadness persists and interferes with your sense of happiness, you may be suffering from depression.

The research shows that counseling is very helpful for depression. When looking for the type of treatment consider those that are right brain based. Body psychotherapy for instance, is based on tracking body sensations. And noticing body sensations is a right brain-based activity.


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