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Dr. Suzanne LaCombe

The Screening Room is designed to teach you common psychotherapy concepts that you'll encounter in your therapy. I think of it as 'psychotherapy training' for clients!

We use movies to illustrate how specific psychological concepts and dynamics show up in people's lives. (It isn't a collection of movie reviews; there are other great sites that do this well.)

I've found movies to be enormously helpful for explaining the issues that crop up in therapy. It's one thing to read about an abstract psychological concept, but real insight and understanding can often result from seeing it acted out on the big screen.

So please let me know if you run across a movie, or even just a scene, that portrays a psychological issue in a way that's memorable.

You can drop me a line at the Psych Cafe Forum.

External Resources

Here's a few articles/sites that examine the role of movies as a therapeutic tool:

Analyze This by Richard Kerbaj, October 20, 2003. Short and easy read.

Cinema Therapy by Barrett Hathcock, Fall 2004. A short easy-to-read intro to cinema therapy.

Why Cinema Therapy Works a great site by Birgit Wolz. Ms. Wolz teaches online courses in cinematherapy to psychotherapists.

Therapeutic Cinema by Brian R. Johnson. Another great site. This one recommends a movie for your mood. Super idea.

Cinema Therapy by Daniel Mangin, May 27, 1999. A longer more involved commentary on using movies for therapeutic purposes.

The Movie Therapist by Bernie Wooder, psychotherapist and counselor. Not the easiest site to navigate but some short insigthful clips on how movies help us to recognize emotional issues.

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