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Dr. LaCombe is a Registered Psychologist and practising psychotherapist.

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Is therapy working for you?

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Here's what others say about finding good therapy.

Does psychotherapy really work?

Is therapy working for you?

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Hi there, Shrinklady here.

I don't mean to challenge your faith in the value of counseling. After all, you wouldn't be in therapy unless you thought it would help.

But do you know how psychotherapy works best?

If you're in therapy (or thinking about it) you're going to invest a lot of time and money in getting better. You're also going to experience some significant mental and emotional challenges.

How do you know you're making progress?


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If you've never had good therapy how would you know when you do get it? In other words, what makes therapy actually happen?

Therapy is a mysterious process for many folks. Just because you see a therapist doesn't mean you'll get good therapy ... or that somehow you'll change by osmosis.

Therapy happens behind closed doors; it's just between you and your therapist. If this is all you know, or ever could you tell the difference between therapy that really works, and therapy that doesn't?

This problem didn't go unnoticed by many practicing therapists, which is why there are regulatory bodies who supervise and require therapists to continue their education. But as any of these bodies acknowledge, there is no guarantee. Which is why understanding how therapy works, and what you can do to make the most of it, makes total sense.

Indeed, research suggests that those clients who are knowledgeable about therapy and are active participants report more positive experiences.

"The course was very helpful. It was kind of an ah-ha experience." Sage

"The neuroscience information was fascinating. I always love to learn about the workings of the brains. Great e-course!!" Jen

"This course gave me incentive to work harder in therapy and gave me an exciting curiosity about cutting edge neuroscience and it's impact on therapy." MP


This three part eCourse (over 6 days) gives you an overview of how therapy really works. It's distilled from what we've learned in recent neuroscience and developmental research.

It reveals a new way of looking at therapy, and what kinds of changes to look for as you progress- all in just three email lessons.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • One foolproof measure of progress in therapy.
  • Why New Year's resolutions (almost) never work out.
  • The "hidden benefit" of good therapy.
  • Why you must experience change "from the inside out".

Learn what good therapy is . . . and how to be sure you're getting it.


Take my Therapy Working eCourse:



"I loved the description about the two ways in which we process information, and the difference between "top down" and "bottom up" processing. Being an analytical thinker, I never knew about the power of the lower brain functioning. I am experiencing "bottom up" changes, and now realize that I don't have to fire my therapist!" Helen

"Yes...this has helped me. Pllleeeasse send it to my therapist!!!" soulfuldaze


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