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Hi there, Shrinklady here!

Is life throwing you a curve ball? Or are you still reeling from the last one?

I know that it's hard stretching the edges of our "comfort zone". And I've learned from hard-won personal experience, we don't have to do it alone.

stepping into your lifeIt takes courage and persistence to move out of what's familiar. Glitches, snags and set backs are inevitable. It's what happens after that, that counts.

Bottom line - everyone can use a little prompting from time to time. That's how MyShrink UpDates help.

Come with me as I share my process and growth on my own journey towards health and wellbeing.

And let MyShrink UpDates inspire you too.


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Here's what each UpDate might include:

  • A special motivational affirmation. Try it on--allow it to rise to conscious awareness throughout the day.
  • Occasional notices of any live online events (interviews, teleseminars etc), new videos and articles posted to the site.
  • Inspirational quotes especially chosen to help you reflect on your life...and we all need a little more of that.


  • Personal reflections, insights and stories on my own journey towards transformation.

What you have to say really resonates with me, and for the first time I hear things that actually make me want to work on myself; that there is hope for meaningful change.

Tracy, Port Coquitalam, BC.


It's not unusual to get sidelined once in a while when we're trying hard to make personal changes. In fact, the brain is wired to be "conservative" - it wants to conserve energy. It does so by preserving what it's learned up to now because that's the safer, more efficient route.

I have so much to share with you. The new science of the brain is showing us how to overcome the brain's own resistance to change. Once you know how to work with the brain, you'll have an efficient way of making changes that have sticking power.

Don't worry, UpDates won't flood your email inbox. They're a quick reminder for staying on track. (Emails associated with alerts and specials e.g. webinars, downloads etc. are sent on a more frequent basis and are specifically targeted to one topic.)

I just wanted to say that I found your site by accident. I'm a counselor and will be referring lots of people to your site. It is just the best web site I've seen. I'm a new fan.


Your website is an EXCELLENT resource! I've been reading through it for about two weeks now. Thank you for putting so much energy and love into your is bearing much fruit!

J.N. California

I think that therapy, your website, your writings, and particularly your musings are way COOL!



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